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The Rote Liste Zentrum at Zoo Schwerin Takes Shape

The architecture of the building developed by the dan pearlman experience architecture is already clearly visible. Currently, the interior construction of the lion enclosure and the accompanying enclosures for endangered species is taking place. At the beginning of September, the previous construction progress was honored with small festivities.

The Zoo Director, Dr. Tim Schikora, Member of the Bundestag, Dietrich Monstadt, Minister, Harry Glawe, and the Mayor of Schwerin, Dr. Rico Badenschier, put a time capsule in the ground of the large lion conservatory. Apart from the current zoo magazine, the time capsule contains further contemporary testimonies from the year 2020. Its purpose is to document the zoo’s efforts regarding species protection for posterity. The political representatives praised the zoo’s dedication to species protection. They emphasized the importance of the project for the development of the zoo as an educational institution and magnet for the local tourism in the state’s capital Schwerin. The anticipation of the final opening of the enclosure at easter 2021 is great. The Zoo Schwerin is currently preparing intensively for the arrival of the animals at the Rote Liste Zentrum. Whoever wants to actively support the construction of the Rote Liste Zentrum, can do so by purchasing the “Lion Box” in the zoo shop of Zoo Schwerin. With it, one secures on of 330 pieces of land in the lion enclosure and receives amazing zoo items as a thankyou.

 Photos: Peter | Zoo Schwerin