Zoo Berlin Rhino Pagoda Tower

Rhino Pagoda Tower

After laying the first stone for the rhino pagoda at Berlin Zoo in late summer 2021, a lot has happened on the construction site: The finishing touches of the 25-metre-high tower, consisting of 68 stacked concrete elements, each weighing up to 10 tons, have been mounted. The shell of the interior is also already well advanced and will be completed in a few weeks. With the tower of the rhino pagoda in Berlin Zoo, a new “Super Sign” is being created in Berlin City West. The tower is already quite visible from afar. When the spire is installed in golden, yellow-painted metal, the new “Monument for Species Conservation” will shine visibly in the sun from far and wide. 

The rhino pagoda is an ode to biodiversity and to the protection of endangered animal species, says zoo and zoo director Dr. Andreas Knieriem. At the same time, we follow our now 175-year tradition and create an installation that fits perfectly into our zoo characterised by the style of some of our other instalments.  

Around the tower, a swampy grassy landscape for armoured rhinos, pustula pigs and tapirs is being created on around 14,000 m2, which is modelled on the natural habitat of the animals. Between tall grasses and idyllic watercourses, the grey heavyweights will be able to treat themselves to a mud bath as of spring 2023. Meanwhile, guests of the zoo will be able to go on a journey home to the more fascinating animals and learn more about their habitat in northeast India. In the centre of the complex, the 25-metre-high tower, there will be a  wishing well where visitors will have the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the protection of species. All donations go to species conservation projects, including for the protection of armoured rhinoceros in Assam, northeast India. 

 Like the Panda Garden, the Rhino Pagoda is planned by the architects of the dan pearlman experience architecture around Kieran Stanley for Zoo Berlin.