‘Women at the Top’ News

Nicole Srock.Stanley is ‘Top Woman’

Nicole Srock.Stanley has been a public advocate for the Berlin campaign Women at the Top since its founding in March. The Woman at the Top initiative was launched on March 7, 2012 by Ms. Dilek Kolat, Senator for Labour, Integration and Women in Berlin as well as Dr. Eric Schweitzer, President of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the initiative is to increase the number of women in management positions in Berlin-based companies. In addition, the founders drafted a statement committing future signatories to actively engage in the promotion of equality in business. This will lay the foundation for sustainable equality between women and men in Berlin-based businesses in the future, improve the career chances of women as well as recognize their potential, and better integrate women into the decision-making process of the economy.

In fall 2014, the initiative will take stock in the experiences gained and highlight outstanding examples to serve as inspiration for future ‘top women’. Nicole Srock.Stanley will be actively involved in the network to advance its cause and work alongside others members to ensure its continued development.