POPAI Inspirational Series News

Nicole Srock.Stanley at the POPAI Inspirational Series

As part of the Inspirational Series (a series of lectures, which illuminates the subject marketing in retail from all sides), CEO Nicole Srock.Stanley will talk about how the leisure industry is changing our shopping habits. The event will take place on November 26th in Dusseldorf. The event is organized by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), the leading international non-profit association of POP marketing. The association sees itself as a platform for interaction that benefits all members from branded goods manufacturers, trade, POP producers and agencies all the way to media and universities. In addition, POPAI D-A CH e.V. has set itself the aim of improving the level of training of relevant professional groups and to represent the interests of the entire industrial sector. With the lecture series“ Inspirational Series“ POPAI is not only directed to its members but also to interested non-members who are invited to a taster visit. It is required that guests register for the event at Ideenmanufaktur in Dusseldorf. For further information about the event and registration, please go to the website of POPAI or click here.