European Shopping Center Symposium 2017 news

Nicole Srock.Stanley is a speaker at European Shopping Center Symposium in Vienna

The European Shopping Center Symposium has Europe’s longest tradition among shopping center events. For 18 years and over 350 participants each year, it has been one of the leading think tanks of the retail and retail real estate industry in Europe as well as the most important industry event in Austria. The event offers its participants the opportunity to discuss current and future trends and challenges in the shopping center industry, share ideas, share visions and opinions and to get in touch with top decision-makers.

The main topic of this year’s event is the re-use of retail space. What to do when shopping centres have become too large for their location, function, and the changed consumer behaviour? What if the concentration on top locations in retail continues to grow and consumers get better at online shopping? How can retail parks be converted, when consumer behaviour is subject to changes on a regional level?

Nicole Srock.Stanley, founder and CEO at dan pearlman, is one the speakers on April 27th 2017. Being an expert in the retail and leisure industry, she is familiar with the developments and challenges in the field of stationary retail. Her speech is dedicated to the topics of Experience Shopping and Destination Profiling and provides answers the question of how stationary businesses can align themselves with the demands of the modern leisure industry and therefore provide real, relevant shopping experiences.

More information about the shopping center Symposium in Vienna and about the participation can be found here.

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