Fertighauswelt in Günzburg news

New Fertighauswelt opened on October 8th 2016

German home-builders love prefabricated houses. Young families, especially, value the possibility of planning for their future by having determinable costs. Therefore, it is not surprising that every seventh newly built house in Germany is a pre-built home. The prefabricated construction industry seems to be doing quite a few things right: developing new sustainable homes and appropriately presenting themselves to potential clients. Verband Deutscher Holzbaufertighäuser, a perfect example, has asked dan pearlman to develop a masterplan for putting its member’s product portfolio in the limelight.

The result is an immersive world which turns building a home into an experience even before construction begins. Under the motto, “Experience the perfect day in your future home,” the houses are set in an idyllic atmosphere reminding the owners of quiet, green suburbs. The whole facility is structured similar to an amusement park’s articulated paths. Being strategically located in Southern Germany close to the Legoland park, the FertighausWelt appeals to families and young couples. Children and adults alike can experience how their future home will look and feel. For an entire day, the visitors move through an adventurous landscape consisting of playfully orchestrated gardens, individual neighborhoods, viewpoints, and children’s playgrounds. The day begins at the visitor center in the entrance area, where visitors are informed about wood as a building material. Afterwards, the visitors individually move through the exhibition area discovering the product portfolio. A motif of eight large tree slices make informative, exciting, and poetic content spatially and sensually tangible. This is part of the holistic communication concept dan pearlman has developed.

Dan pearlman was responsible for a change in perspective. We put ourselves in the client’s position, creating a place able to satisfy the visitor’s needs and allowing their future to become tangible while spending a day in the facility.