CLADbook 2018 Publication

Kieran Stanley and Karen Klessinger featured in CLADbook 2018

Happy & proud: On a yearly basis, CLADbook presents leading projects in leisure architecture, innovative movers & shakers of the industry, and shows the latest architecture and design trends. This year’s publication features our dan experts Kieran Stanley, CEO dan pearlman experience architecture, and Karen Klessinger, Creative Director dan pearlman brand architecture, who give an insight to the essence of creating experience destinations and which developments are currently shaping the industry. The bottom line: “Time, especially leisure time, is limited and precious. In the future, people will spend their time, not money. Hence, the key to successful destination design, and in particular, experience design is to create emotional value. Whether theme park, zoo, office, public space or mall – the boundaries are melting and future-proof destinations will be measured in “experience per square meter”. A prerequisite to experience design is fully understanding the user and their needs. A carefully curated co-creation process will enable a successful destination development. We are urban story tellers & builders. We bring the narrative back into the increasingly dense city, creating a seamless visitor journey within mixed-use destinations. In these disruptive times, destinations must provide flexibility for different formats and users and set standards for the design of future-oriented public spaces. If time is the currency of the future, experience will be the ultimate investment.”

Here you can find CLADbook 2018.
The statement of our dan experts can be found on page 117 of the book.