Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover - We’re designing the new drill-forest News

A bit of African rainforest for Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover

We’re back at Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover. After designing the legendary immersive environment of Yukon Bay, we are now planing an immersive outdoor environment for drills and guenons. As part of the Afi Mountatin immersive environment, a section of African rain forest will be created on a roughly 650-square-meter area. Visitors will be able to see into the animals’ habitat from a variety of angles. We modelled our concept after Bioko Island. Located off the coast of Cameroon, the island is part of the Cross Sanaga Faunal Region, which boasts an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Bioko Island is home to more primates than anywhere else in the world. Currently, Cross River National Park is at risk: a 260-kilometre-long expressway is threatening to destroy the habitat and the most species-rich rainforest in Nigeria.

A tree portal welcomes visitors to the monkey aviary at Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover, where they enter the ancient forest through an impressive tree root. A path provides the first glimpses of the densely planted area, passing by a stream and a waterfall on its way into an overgrow rainforest cave that offers surprising vistas. Oversized drill masks greet the adventurers as they exit the cave and point the way toward the ancient forest house.
Since drills and guenons are threatened with extinction, the facility will acquaint visitors with wildlife conservation, addressing the risks facing the animals and their habitats as its primary goal.