Rooftop Garden Work is Lifestyle

In order to keep a clear head at work, sufficient recreation areas have to be provided. What would be more appropriate than having an inviting, lovingly designed rooftop garden? In collaboration with the agency hartmannvonsiebenthaland with the help of Prinzessinnengarten, we started the transformation of the grey, bare rooftop in 2014. Just one year later, the other small and large offices and agencies in the former factory building in the Kiefholzstraße have been actively involved and became rooftop garden partners. The result is a beautiful rooftop garden for relaxing, sunbathing and deceleration during and after work. The terrace is a popular employee hangout for all breaks and also offers space for creative meetings with customers. Moreover, it is also used for small and large corporate events. Here, biodiversity is a major issue: strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, salads to pick and fresh herbs thrive and grow. The harvest is freely available for all employees. And those, who want to increase the green variety, can actively contribute to the gardening.
Our rooftop garden now is a sustainable, inspiring and creative feel-good area for all employees. A place, where work turns into lifestyle.