dan New Work Expert Jannike Stöhr

Jannike Stöhr on the search for her dream job
The end of my classic working life and my entry into the topic New Work began with my project “Das Traumjob-Experiment”. The dream job experiment was, so to speak, the trigger for me to deal with new worlds and forms of work. My topic became a New Work topic, although I originally started from a very personal perspective. Even though I can say with certainty that I could not find the one dream job with the experiment, I found an answer and I know what I want to do and how I want to work. For me it was and is about finding a meaning in my work, being actively involved in shaping one’s work and being able to work with others at eye level. I developed a new quality of mindfulness regarding my actions and my work. I recommend everyone to dare to take a closer look. For me, this is the first step to change. On my journey, Brené Brown in particular inspired me with her book “The Power of Vulnerability” where she pleads for the courage to stand up for what really means something to you.
Jannike Stöhr about the small steps on the way to the dream job
My search for the dream job was indeed radical. There is no need to approach career orientation so radically. However, it is the right thing to start looking, to get to the bottom of oneself and to question how and where you want to work. The first step is to try different things, for example within a project on the weekend, a part-time job or a volunteer position. Very important during this process is to exchange with others, to get new inspiration and to accumulate experiences. It helps to observe yourself: What makes me happy and what is easy for me to do, what do I not like to do, or what bothers me. A good way of self-analysis is to write a diary. I can recommend that to everyone.
Jannike Stöhr on companies and New Work
Clearly, the work environment and the needs of employees are fundamentally changing. Hence it is all the more important for companies to proactively address the resulting issues. It is no secret that employees who can live their vocation within a company are happier, perform better and achieve better results, are less affected by burnout and depression, and ultimately are the better brand ambassadors. In this regard, I expect much from my new project. For me, it is about finding out what jobs of the future look like and how we want to work in the future. My motivation is to start learning again and to positively shape the future with the experience I acquire. The key for an alternative concept to the much-invoked negative scenario concerning the topic digitization and new working worlds is to highlight desirable opportunities.