Fundraising Die Arche

Making children strong for life

Die Arche – Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V.

Founded in 1995, the association is a state-approved carrier of the free youth-welfare that stands up against child poverty in Germany. The slogan “Making children strong for life” nearly sums up how “Die Arche” reaches out to support socially disadvantaged children and young people at support centers across Germany. The extensive range of offers includes leisure and holiday programs, free lunch tables and education initiatives. Like so, it provides a significant contribution to the children’s daily structure and constitutes an important platform for valuable conversation. The aim is to support kids’ potential and extend equal opportunities. “Die Arche” is a place where children experience appreciation and trust – irrespective of their social background. To strengthen the children in their personal development, many reliable contact persons are taking care of their well-being. This social commitment frequently leads to trust-based relationships. By imparting the feeling of self-worth, the children are encouraged to discover strengths and skills and to pursue them in the long term. In a former public school, the donation-financed association was able to allocate and create rooms where children can develop freely: From entertainment rooms equipped with ball pools and climbing castles to let off steam, to creative rooms for handcrafting workshops and rest areas as a safe haven. By advertising for the need to improve living conditions of disadvantaged children and families on a wide scale, “Die Arche” additionally contributes to the critical aspect of social integration. The good news: Everybody can help – no matter if monetary or material donations or voluntary engagement. This year (2018), already 82% of the donation goal has been reached so far. The portal for direct donations to “Die Arche” can be found here.