During a workshop at the DAN ACADEMY, participants learn to use the design thinking process in practice. Under the guidance of a professional, interdisciplinary team, corporations learn how to use design thinking in their work environment through the key themes of this creative method. The newly acquired knowledge is also directly applied in practical exercises.
What is design thinking? Design thinking is a holistic, structured brainstorming process. Companies can better deal with the challenges of the future because they can adapt to the increasing complexity more flexible. With design thinking complex problems are solved creatively and efficiently in a team. Here employees are involved interdisciplinary and across departments. The concept develops and structures innovations and solutions, with emphasis on the needs of the users. Ideas are reviewed on desirability, feasibility and economic viability and are made tangible. Complexity is reduced to provide faster decisions with streamlined processes. The creative design thinking method focuses on the individual. It stands for interdisciplinarity, creativity and fun, which the DAN ACADEMY conveys with all its formats.

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