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At dan pearlman, we have practiced interdisciplinarity, change of perspective and transfer thinking for more than 20 years. Right now, it’s ever more important to foster unconventional ideas and try out new ways of thinking and doing.

We are convinced that those who now try to “do nothing wrong” will most likely “do nothing right”. Even though our “everything goes” attitude has to pause for now, we have to look to the future with a “manything goes” approach. How can this succeed? By applying adaptive and hybrid formats, smart and fast concepts and with a good portion of boldness and ingenuity.

Many of our clients from diverse industries are facing the same questions: How do we create experiences, fun or levity without jeopardizing safety? Or from an economic perspective: How do we secure revenue and customer loyalty despite the current regulations?

Our insights and project experiences from a diversity of industries are helpful in these unprecedented times. They allow us to filter examples of best practices in retail, zoo, urban planning, place making and beyond so that we can transfer them to other areas.

To inspire you and to foster new ways of thinking, we have collected a compilation of possible ideas and solutions. We understand our DANSPIRATIONs as encouragement and invitation to create an attractive and successful “new normal” that, in the long run, can even become a “better normal”.



 At the moment, nobody wants to hear the common “sales blah blah”. What now counts are messages with attitude, with honesty, humour and authenticity. Brands that advertise as if it was 2019’s barbecue season will be perceived as unproductive and ignorant. So why not use the opportunities of digital and traditional media to stand out from the mass? 360° communication without big sales claims is the order of the day. Harness small as well as big opportunities like facades, entrances, billboards or lawns. Everything can communicate and increase your visibility.

TARGETGROUPS: All retailers and shopping centres

WHY NOW? New values and needs in the (post-)corona society

WHY IN THE FUTURE? People want honest communications with added value

ALSO INTERESTING: Intelligent and sympathetic communications about current distance regulations and security measures with branded visualisations



 High-quality selling with an outstanding service? An exclusive shopping experience for selected customers? Special caretaking for worried customers? Creating trust with risk groups and older customers? All this is possible with private shopping! Instead of selling single pieces, private shopping compiles whole outfits for premium customers. The shopping experience can be added by a delivery or pick-up service to make it even more comfortable and convenient. In addition, video consulting with the favourite sales assistant and digital styling tips on social media are available. This creates additional touchpoints, staggers the frequency and offers a unique service. The result: an exclusive retail experience that comes to the customers.

TARGETGROUPS: Premium, new luxury, all brands that want to focus on more service

WHY NOW? Social distancing, distance regulations, risk groups, worried customers, additional touchpoints

WHY IN THE FUTURE? Interesting additional offer resp. special offer for a new service quality

ALSO INTERESTING: Possible collaborations with local delivery services, preferred shopping time slots and shop by appointment options through collaborations with online booking tools



It’s clear at first sight: this walk-in pick-up station is nothing like your average postal shop. Here, the perfect process becomes a real brand experience and is more than an anonymous collecting point. The pick-up store is equipped with numerous collecting shelves, a changing room where customers can try on their new pieces straight away, a recycling station for the packaging and a café lounge. Perfect locations for the Click & Collect XXL store are shopping centres. As an alternative, a variety of retailers can collaborate, offer a joint delivery service and initiate the concept at other locations like the high street.

TARGETGROUPS: Brand retailers, especially in shopping centres

WHY NOW? Social distancing, distance regulations, a service which is independent from opening hours, intelligent space usage

WHY IN THE FUTURE? Interesting offer which is independent form openings hours and based on a unique service in stationary retail, shopping centres and high frequency retail locations

ALSO INTERESTING: Collaboration possibilities with other brands, local service providers or delivery services, drive-in possible as add on

Find the DANSPIRATION Retail PDF here!

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