The centrepiece of the Biodom Bremerhaven is a section of a hotspot of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem. Cumbersome concepts such as genetic or functional diversity and diversity of ecosystems are conveyed through the fascination for animals. The animals are ambassadors for biodiversity and species conservation. Through them, important contents can be made comprehensible. The modern, walk-through facility, which allows for the communal keeping of different animal species, promotes above all the direct and emotional experience of the visitor:inside around the animal experience. After visiting the Biodom Bremerhaven, they will understand themselves as part of the fascinating, fragile ecosystem of the earth. Nothing comparable can currently be found in Germany or Europe.

The Biodom Bremerhaven is a perfect complement to the existing zoo and seems more important than ever due to the rapidly progressing loss of biodiversity. Nevertheless, in view of many other important issues in our society, it remains to be seen to what extent and when the vision of the Biodom in Bremerhaven can be realised.