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Sparkasse Oberösterreich
Sparkasse Oberösterreich

How can you revive an almost 30-year-old shopping arcade and turn it into a favorite place for city dwellers? This was the question posed when positioning the classic Arkade Linz shopping arcade in Austria.


Communication Design
Interior Architecture
Revitalisation shopping mall
Repositioning & Redesign
Innovation & Strategy
Revitalisierung Shopping Mall


The new identity of the Linzerie encompasses three leading thematic areas, “Pioneer & Innovation”, “Culture of Indulgence“ and “Creativity & Culture“. Under the title “Pioneer & Innovation”, the future of the Linzerie is derived from the 100-year history of the Arkade. This includes a look back at Linzer traditions and cultures and at the same time a look forward to progress, innovation and development. The second defining topic, “Culture of Indulgence”, positions the new Linzerie as a meeting place and hub in the city centre, where the pleasures and culture of Linz can be discovered with all senses. Finally, the third subject area, “Creativity & Culture”, characterises the location with a focus on individuality, which will be embodied through a variety of creative concepts. The aim of the project is to develop an independent identity for the Linzerie that is, at the same time, also firmly anchored in the traditional Linz city centre.

Favorite place for slow shopping

The aim is to establish the house as a new “favorite place” for the people of Linz. The focus: warmth and hospitality. In terms of design, emphasis is placed on the values ​​of lightness, style and atmosphere. The poetic motto: The heart wants what the heart wants! This approach is also embodied in its own concept store “Lili”. It has the characteristics of a creative lab, a communicative hub and a curated exhibition. Under its name, short for “Linzerie” and “Favorite place”, selected goods from all tenants of the center will be sold in the future: regional, Austrian and international specialties as well as artisanal products. In 2022, products created, manufactured and sold via social media will also be offered jointly by several tenants.

“For the repositioning of the ‘Arkade am Taubenmarkt’ shopping arcade, we were deliberately looking for experts in strategy, architecture and communication beyond the Austrian borders. With dan pearlman and spring we found valuable partners who practice precision and determination in planning, implementation and cooperation, and who focus on a high degree of creativity and uniqueness,” Cora Auzinger sums up, center manager of the ‘Linzerie’.