Peek & Cloppenburg Junior Retail Design

“Creative Kids Home Alone” was the inspiration for dan pearlman’s designers in putting together the new P&C Junior department concept for kids from 0 to 15 years old. Wall coverings are covered with lipstick and electric guitars, furniture soaked in favourite colours, and pictures decorated with colourful stickers. A dull, monochromatic palette is history, and a pink moustache adorns a boring portrait over the fireplace. The up-to-date look of the over 500-square meter junior fashion area thrills both young trendsetters and their parents alike. Featuring a music station, a Wii and lots of comfy places to sit down, shopping at P&C becomes a family outing. While the kids run wild and discover one or more favourite outfits on the side, the parents can also shop in comfort…and even let the youngsters out of their sight for a while. The destination’s new concept celebrated its premiere on March 28, 2012 in Stuttgart and will soon be on view in other P&C stores. The design concept won the Corporate Design Award in 2013.