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New Store

Nowadays, innovation takes place faster and easier than ever before. New companies with the most fascinating business ideas are popping up like mushrooms. Their success, however, not only depends on a well thought out business idea and a watertight finance plan. So, what is it, that a start-up needs to be successful? How do they and their employees want to work? And how should their workplace look like? Is it desk sharing they aim for? Do they want an own office or is a coworking space shared with other inspiring companies what is required? New Store is just such a young, aspiring and innovative start-up located in the heart of Berlin. Being experts for New Work Spaces, we have created a spatial response to the needs and requirements of the new generation of workplace environments for New Store’s Berlin-based international and interdisciplinary team.


Brand Experience Design
Brand Experience Design
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What has long been referred to as a work-life balance, today is much more: New Work. It is about turning work into a motor of our personal development. What employees need is room for inspiration, creativity, intellectual exchange, and for networking both with colleagues and business partners and customers. Our Jobs should provide the opportunity to experience all that on a daily basis. When entering the New Store Office in the heart of Berlin, the air of the new generation of working is omnipresent. The New Store logo placed over the beautiful reception desk gets employees and guests in the mood for productive work sessions. But first, Coffee – An everyday mantra for all the productive coffee junkies. Instead of drinking it at the own desk, though, it should better be enjoyed with the colleagues at New Store Café, which is part of dan pearlman’s office concept for New Store. The perfect place to start your day right or for a relaxing break. Behind the reception the heart of the office can be spotted: The arena is a multifunctional, hybrid room in the room, which can be separated from the office by glass façades and is maximally convertible. In an increasingly fast and digital daily working routine, innovative ideas and fresh minds are absolutely indispensable. To achieve this, employers have to make sure their employees have enough room for decelaration, relaxation and physical activity. The arena provides seating areas, ping-pong tables and a badminton field. And much more: Technically at the leading edge, it can be flexibly converted into an area for lectures, workshops, think tanks and events of all kinds in the course of the day. After a regenerating break, the Food Market invites the employees to cook and eat together. The offices are both technically and ergonomically perfectly equipped and allow productive work. Moreover, the Berlin-based Tape Art Collective Tape That provided the office with the artistic inspiration the employees need. New Store is a perfect example of the emerging new working culture that has its own dynamism and requirements. And a perfect example of how meaningful and inspiring new work can be if the workplace satisfies the needs of a company and its employees.