Mercedes-Benz Eurotraining 2012

Three different areas represented various hotspots of a trendy district. The lively city square formed the centrepiece of big city life and transformed the street into a stage. This is also where the opening and closing events of the three-day training sessions were held. Inside the brightly designed gallery space, the CLS Shooting Brake model was presented like a work of contemporary art: clean, minimalist vehicle collages. Right next door was the new A-Class zone. The streetscape depicted a vibrant and intricate big city street scene and housed the workshops. The “life-scape” represented some of the target audience’s favourite places including a cafe, a fashion boutique and an add-on store. And at the loft, one could even get a sense for how potential A-Class customers live.
dan pearlman worked closely together with the event agency Stagg & Friends to realize all aspects of the event architecture for Mercedes-Benz from the design to the logo, to visual communications and the overall communications concept. The Mercedes-Benz EuroTraining received the bronze medal at the 2012 EVA Award for Employee Event, won the Automotive Brand Contest 2013 and the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2013.