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master plan & utilization concept
Biosphäre Potsdam

Experience instead of theory: Prospectively, Biosphäre Potsdam takes visitors on a unique expedition through our world. With the utilization concept „Biosphäre 2.0“, the impressive diversity of our planet can be experienced with all senses. Developed for the national garden show 2001, the glass structure as well as individual rooms will remain and are extended by new themes, urban gardening outdoor areas and a hospitality concept. The holistic subsequent utilization concept was planned and created by the architects of the dan pearlman experience architecture.


Master Planning
Object Planning
Building Planning


In Biosphäre Potsdam (biosphere), a very close encounter between humans and nature with its diverse flora and fauna as well as its varying climatic conditions will arise in the near future. The experience „Biosphäre 2.0“ already starts at the forecourt, creating the prelude of the exhibition. The visitor journey will start inside the building, after having passed the lobby. A surrounding and colourful sea of lights creates the transition into the galaxy of our planet. The themed room programme of the biosphere is not only showing mere exhibits. Rather, a course of adventures, happening in atmospherically designed rooms, is created. Through a holistic perception, borders between rooms, information and experience become blurred. The foot path guides visitors underground, makes them wander through a rain forests, a desert and icy wilderness leading to the end of the building into the outdoor area of the garden allotments. Here, nature invites to be touched and discovered: Why do we have four seasons? Which wild animals live in the city? And how to produce renewable energies? Animals like raccoons can be observed and the outdoor playground offers plenty of space to let off steam while a planned beer garden invites to be enjoyed. The urban gardening area is soon to be available to the inhabitants of the nearby city quarter. The new utilization concept is based on a consistent story-line, composing the aspects of biodiversity, climate change, ecosystems and humans. Like so, not only knowledge is being transferred, but also awareness for the own actions and their impact is created: You are the change – everybody can contribute to change. To create an extracurricular place of learning, the existing concept of the biosphere was examined with a SWOT analysis, upgraded with an enhancement in space and programme as well as loaded up with experience factors. Thus, a lighthouse project for Potsdam‘s leisure industry was developed that merits the predicate „New Leisure“ destination.