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At WHATALOCATION, everything revolves around the perfect venue. The new brand positioning and corresponding brand identity are also perfect.


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“WHATALOCATION is not just another retail analytics company. “This entry into the branding process was particularly important to the two founders and was to shape the entire brand relaunch. The company’s purpose is clearly focused on contributing to the further development of the urban ecosystem, creating quality of life by making human needs visible on the ground. The ambition of the founders and the team is clearly defined now and, in the future, and lies in thinking differently, solving real problems and saving inner cities from extinction. That’s why WHATALOCATION has made it its mission to provide precise and intuitive solutions for individual use cases along the location value chain through a high level of data expertise, thus creating a decisive performance advantage for customers. WHATALOCATION is thus a technological pioneer in the field of digital analysis of human needs in the urban ecosystem. The advantage for brick-and-mortar retailers is obvious: with all this know-how, they now have access to the same tools that online retailers have been using for years. In turn, the data strengthens brick-and-mortar retail as an important, influential lever for making city centers attractive and revitalizing them with innovative concepts. As a location management platform, WHATALOCATION is not only attractive for retailers. The innovative technology can also be used successfully in urban development projects, in city management and in the real estate industry.

Precisely because the technology company wants to set itself apart from the competition, it is also breaking new ground in terms of its visual image. This includes communicating the mission, vision, and purpose clearly and concisely in the new corporate colors, with new typography and new icons on the website and in social media.

For the typography, the design team selected Muli, a minimalist sans-serif typeface as the main typeface. Muli was designed to be used freely on the web, by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. In addition, a clear typographic hierarchy was established in the brand book, defining the use of the font, the size and layout of different parts of the text. In this way, users recognize where to look for specific information. The WHATALOCATION corporate color palette includes COOL GREY as the primary background color for the font, grid, image characters, and the secondary colors MINT GREEN and AMBER ORANGE to highlight important content. BLACK and WHITE are also used as additional colors.

A concise grid system of horizontal and vertical lines was also developed for WHATALOCATION to provide a framework for the alignment and arrangement of design elements within this grid. By dividing each design area into a grid, individual components can be arranged to catch the eye, create user flow, and make information and visual elements more attractive and accessible to the public. The defined safe “white” zone serves as a blank canvas on which to place content. The “orange” area, on the other hand, is the static area that does not change across frames. In addition, graphic elements serve to present the brand in a more dynamic way. The shapes are used in print productions or animations, for example. The style of the pictorial characters helps to highlight the overall design, as it contrasts strongly with the minimal and precise style to create a coherent design direction. The pictorial characters are intended to help users navigate the content and serve as a guide. With the exception of arrows, which can be used as a design element, the icons should be used in such a way that do not interfere with the text.

Overall, WHATALOCATION has succeeded in creating a branding and design process that successfully accompanies the company on its growth path and enables consistent branding across all channels. We would like to thank WHATALOCATION for the successful collaboration!