Music competition D-bü Communication Strategy

Thinking differently, thinking further, and thinking in new ways – the future of classical music is a hot topic. No artistic or technical limits were set to the participating musicians. The entries for the contest consisted of a great variety of performances, such as improvised concerts, IT/New Media performances, staged concerts, or extraordinary spatial concepts. Eight ensembles of German Music Academies were chosen by the artistic head of the competition, Sebastian Nordmann, to play in front of the jury and the audience. The music academies could prove their capability of being creative hubs for trend-setting music projects fascinating the audience with a wide range of stylistic diversity. In order to maximize the benefit for the many different young students, the Konzerthaus Berlin offered a wide range of courses, workshops and lectures accompanying the competition itself. With this concept, D-bü proves to be one of the most important platforms for future music formats where artists can demonstrate their unconventional skills annually. Goodbye cliché! The Konzerthaus Berlin, the Pierre Boulez Hall, the Foundation Preußischer Kulturbesitz and dan pearlman are the premium partners of the competition.

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