The Giant Concept

  • The Giant stands thirty-five metres tall and is the largest, moving statue in the world, an exceptionally transformable, androgynous figure, an immersive attraction for visitors around the world, a vision developed together with the Irish Giant Company. “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton On multiple levels, the Giant represents myths and legends, great historical figures, contemporary and fictional heroes, great inventions and developments, but more importantly, the Giant acts as an archetypal projection of the unconscious representing superlative physical forces. Via integrated LED-lighting, the Giant sculpture can embody any person inside the exhibit or simply serve as a billboard. It is perched on top of a simple yet elegant building, which can be used flexibly as a museum and interactive exhibition space. An experience which seeks to find out a person’s skills, passion and potential. Everyone can be a giant, and this one serves to Awaken the Giant in you.

Visiting the Giant is an all-encompassing experience: the Fee Fi Foo Fum Snack Shack serves international street food, while the retail space offers creative and unique products from local artists and designers. In addition, at the end of their stay, the Giant invites visitors at the end of their stay to become members of the Giant movement and interact with others on the Giant website.
A specially founded Giant Foundation focuses on connecting those who wish to pursue those talents with educational, fincances and/or scholarship programs for children and youth. The Giant is an ambitious project. Tailored to different cities, the sculptures are designed to create a destination which unites, inspires, informs and entertains people and their cities.