Getränke Hoffmann

The new flagship store of Getränke Hoffmann captivates with its special architecture. The historic building of the old brewery in Potsdam has been broken down almost completely – with exception of the iron casting pillar hall – and turned into a new building complex with doctor’s offices and flats. The interior space of the beverage store is six meters high and offers a bright and qualitative sales area on 500 m². The mixture of materials from black crude steel to black matt tego metal, oak wood and fine stoneware tiles that are partially custom made, embodies modernity. Ceiling elements of wood are reminding of old vaults and create a thrilling, yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The gallery within the beverages market is equipped for various events like wine tasting sessions, product launches, lectures and workshops that are about to take place in the new space. Beyond special occasions, the market holds a tasting tool ready for customers to test wines themselves. Additionally, technical elements establish latest technology and holistic service features to the market, including electronic price tags and a digital customer service that offers plenty of information around the store’s product range. On touchscreens, the customer can approach the ideal product from different perspectives, which then light up in the shelve with their digital price tag. The solution behind the task of enlightening the design concept of Getränke Hoffmann in the spacious interior room was found and realized with the experts of dan pearlman by using an innovative light concept in form of a 24 m² LED screen. A special thank you goes out to the lightning designers of jack be nimble, especially to Sophia Klees and Max Erlemann.

Further information on the festive opening can be find here (in German).