Commerzbank Flagship Branch Concept

With spacious white and grey spaces and a compact, illuminated company logo to catch the eye, the company communicates a mix of hospitality and modern technology. The branch office design concept is based on the idea of a communicational centre. This forms the interface between the services provided by the branch’s stationary elements and the variety of available online services. The centre functions as a lounge in the middle of the branch interior. With infotainment content on tablets, a news wall and refreshments it’s an area for putting the customer at ease—a place to pause for a moment or to meet others. Clear contrasts and design elements characterize the new branch design concept. Dynamic stripes as overhead lighting elements, carried through in the carpeting on the floor, wooden frames and a yellow lighting strip create a clear horizon line. Commerzbank corporate yellow and the brand logo are presented in a focused way. In 2014 the concept received the mention “Gute Gestaltung” of the German Designer Club and won the Iconic Award. In 2016 the concept was awarded the German Brand Award in the category „Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation – Brand Showrooms & Point of Sales“.