Google DMEXCO 2017 Fair Stand

The motto of this year’s Google booth at DMEXCO was “Learning Playground”. The vision behind the theme: Google offers both a playful and an innovative access to the digital world. By doing this, Google aims to take into account every possible entrepreneurial need and every economical and social development relevant to the future. Individual room-in-room concepts were dedicated to six different innovation themes such as Google Daydream, personal Google or VR Experience. In addition, public, semi-private and private areas meant to address the different visitor target groups. White-painted metal profiles provided the framework of the booth and thus the space of opportunity for intelligent content. In addition to a playful dissemination of information, a booth should also foster the communication and interaction between people. A living room, a café and a frozen yoghurt stall, as well as platforms to recharge digital devices were integrated to ensure both a high quality and duration of stay. Real Plants and playful, situational elements like a wooden picnic table or an artificial forest created a special, human-centered atmosphere. In the evenings, the booth turned into a party location where people came together. Colorful frames and a disco ball with integrated screens for VJ and light projections as well as a digital pinball machine completed the event. Moreover, visual recorders accompanied Google’s presence at the trade show by creating paintings about the history of digitalization on the booth’s numerous white surfaces. This could be associated with a programmer’s “blank page”, which is filled with data during the programming process. We thank the Google team, KOERNER Event Communications, and our Brand Experience experts headed by our Creative Director Karen Klessinger.