DORMA Fair Stand Design ISH 2013

The architectural ensemble, all in white with dynamic accents of DORMA red and bright, welcoming wooden floors, reflects transparency and openness. The open and all-encompassing approach used in the “Welcome Area” was the core theme of the installation and it also acted as a means to allow guests become accustomed to DORMA’s new image. The open-plan entrance area then led to the “Media Plaza“ with recessed seating, which represented the centre of the DORMA world. Communication, exchange and brand image were the central themes of this area. The world of DORMA was brought to life on the “Brand Wall” by means of innovative multimedia technology and the screening of the brand reel. The intuitive path then continued through the installation, passing a display of the latest DORMA products as well as the catering area, before reaching the stairs to the first floor. Here guests could not miss the highly visible “Innovation Box”, which offered an exclusive look at the company’s new products and its development process. The DORMA fair stand received the bronze medal of the Adam Award in 2013 and ranked the second place of the European Change Communication Award in the category Internal Branding Medium.