Dorma Fair Stand 2015

What the family-run business had promised at BAU 2013 with its “cube of innovations” under the heading “From Today to Tomorrow” was now to be presented to craftsmen and architects in a ready-for-market version. The design of the cube was therefore opened up in order to showcase the innovations prominently and up close. The route through the cube was conceived as a loop, leading visitors past individual product stations where they could see for themselves the innovative potential of the display items. Since DORMA’s door technology is clearly a component of architecture and satisfies the demand of making buildings better, the solutions were purposely presented in an architectural context. Accordingly, the choice of materials remained straightforward and understated: white surfaces, with different coatings according to the application, allowing ample space for the innovations. Also featured was a warm-hued wooden floor that invited customers inside and provided visual grounding. And high-quality stainless steel details that discreetly underscored DORMA’s design standards.