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Corporate Identity
Greyfield Group

How do you bring together the three existing, independent sub-brands of the Greyfield real estate group to create an overall aesthetic image in a common umbrella brand?


Corporate Identity


The Greyfield Group comprises the companies Greyfield, Liwon and Stana. Greyfield is an innovative real estate corporation that focusses on revitalising and redesigning portfolio property. Liwon creates modern urban living space for everyone and Stana is working in the hospitality sector. The new corporate designs of the subsidiaries are reflecting the individual brand identities and also symbolise that they are part of the Group.
For the Greyfield Group as umbrella brand, a corporate identity based on a strategic brand sharpening was developed. This resulted in a new logo which can be used in the corporate colours bright and dark grey, in a new business equipment and a responsive website. The new corporate identity has further been implemented in the group’s branded head office in Esslingen, Germany. The logo of the sub-brand Greyfield was modernised by using minimalist and modern fonts and colours. Dark and bright grey as well as turquoise now shape the brand’s look. For the use of pictures as well, a clear and straight line has been developed. To portray the brand, snapshots radiating authenticity and dynamic are employed. In addition, each business unit uses close ups and textures while pictures of properties aim for a clear graphical setup without any disturbing factors. The designers at dan pearlman brand architecture also developed the new web design and business equipment, starting from letterheads to business cards and PowerPoint templates.
The sub-brand Liwon puts people first what is reflected in many details of its new corporate identity. Liwon’s logo is based on the golden cut, orienting along human body measures. The brand takes no stock in conventional perspectives – just like Le Corbusier who made it his mission to break with conventions when he set the foundation for construction according to one’s needs. Liwon wants to open the possibility for everyone to express their individual lifestyle and to retrieve themselves in current designs. These values are reflected in the new logo: unconventional, individual and modern. By varying combinations of blue, turquoise, yellow, black, red and purple, the logo offers multiple illustration options. Moreover, the corporate colours are also used in the newly created business equipment and responsive website. The brand claims of clear modernity and individual authenticity also define the composition of pictures. A clear graphical image structure with close ups of details, moments and still lifes creates a homely atmosphere.
Finally, the hospitality brand Stana has also gotten a new logo. The brand name Stana, what is Swedish and means “to stay”, plays a central role in the new design: its phonetic spelling [stana] builds the core of the logo and can be realised in wall prints, applications and accessories like bath robes and in the business equipment. With the three nicely concerted but still individualised designs, each brand has its own design language while being united under the roof of the Greyfield Group.