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Urban Living
Hilde 50

Around 150 kilometres south of Berlin, Leipzig is becoming the next attractive hotspot for many different people. The city offers a lot of space for creativity, new ideas and a family-friendly environment. At the same time, numerous freshly renovated houses and low rents draw more and more people to Leipzig. In this promising context, a Gründerzeit building located on Hildegardstraße 50 in the Volkmarsdorf quarter is developing into an attractive housing space. “Hilde 50” especially offers young professionals, creative minds and young families a great place to live in a one-of-a-kind Gründerzeit building that sets new standards in building restoration. Hilde 50 is authentic, charming, and modern. Together with our partners Pietrjya GmbH and ELM-Design, dan pearlman project is responsible for the structural restoration and interior renovation of the building that opens its doors for new tenants in summer 2021.


General Planning
Architektur LP 1-4


Built around the turn of the century, the Hilde 50 building resembles a part of Gründerzeit amidst the trending neighbourhood of Leipzig Volkmarsdorf. Volkmarsdorf is an architectural mix of Gründerzeit, co-operative flats, and newly built flats. It is also one of the city quarters that is experiencing a fast-moving change. This fusion of attractive lease, fresh inspiration and innovation turns Volkmarsdorf into one of the hotspots of the city. With good infrastructure, local transport and recreational areas, the neighbourhood of Hildegardstrasse fulfils all requirements of a balanced city life. Behind the façade, which is renovated to the highest standards, the spirit of a special time can still be sensed in the perfectly restored staircase and the qualitatively renovated hallways. The building is renovated with detail and without losing its authentic charm. The design language of Gründerzeit is transferred into the 21. century and newly interpreted. The building offers space for more – exactly like it did at the turn of the century – more creativity, more family life, more individuality. Hilde offers different apartment types for different requirements: the perfect flat for young families, urban creatives, or young professionals.