Burg Lino Health Concept

The strategic design concept is a product of sound research, extensive discussions and a series of workshops with doctors, therapists, nursing staff, parents and neighbours based on design-thinking processes. For the design strategy team at dan pearlman, getting to know the clinic’s surrounding environment, local residents and area history was essential to integrating the health concept in the best way possible and to portraying the needs of the people at and around Littenheid Clinic. Following this, the team dealt extensively with the various illnesses of the young patients at the clinic. This resulted in an overriding philosophy and identity that was captured in a fictional story about Lino the Dragon and his friends. Dipsta, Alpha, Calibri, Elysee and Betha are the protective guardians of the individual stations and represent the specific clinical illnesses of the young patients. Each figure is distinguished by an individual colour palette as well as special traits, which are reflected in every last detail of the individual wards. In 2013 the design concept won the Iconic Award and reached the final of the World Architecture Festival and the Spark Award and was awarded with the Klinik Awardin 2015.
The interior design of the extension integrates affectionately designed relaxation areas, interactive elements, warm colors, and meet up locations, in order to create an anxiety free and relaxing environment for the children and teenagers. Next to this spatial concept, dan pearlman created three new characters for the Castle Lino, that accompany the children and teenagers throughout their stay: the lion Flippo, the samurai cat Dibsta, and the circus actor Guppi. Flippo’s lion mane helps the children to concentrate better, while Guppi’s Origami art contributes to their relaxation. The quiet Dibsta and her bag of skills helps with everyday problems. The new characters add to the existing residents of Castle Lino. With the extension, Clienia has become one of the largest competence centers of child and youth psychiatry and psychotherapy in Switzerland. This increased capacity guarantees an expansion of offerings for preschool children.