WWF Brand Temple

Where and how does the WWF work? What is it fighting for? And which issues lie close to the organization’s heart? With the mobile Brand Temple, WWF does not only set a focus on sustainability, nature protection and biodiversity conservation but also makes its work and values experienceable. The mobile platform was conceptualized for the usage during festivals and events. In specific, it was created with the mission of getting as many people as possible interested and fascinated about the range of environmental challenges the WWF is facing and fighting on a daily basis. The Summer’s Tale Festival is characterized by it’s clear focus on sustainability and was the first event for the Brand Temple to get into action in a huge WWF tent. Using various didactical elements, the Brand Temple managed to enlighten people about the big issue of plastic pollution in a visual and playful way. As centerpiece of the Brand Temple, the three-dimensional brand sculpture, embodying the WWF Panda, was the focal point inside the tent of the environmental organization. Separated into four panda modules, the sculpture offers plenty of space for the visitor to dive into the work of the organization and to catch up on environmental protection issues. As a further integrated communication tool for the messages of WWF, displays are integrated in the modules. Furthermore, the sculpture is based on a pedestal which not only stabilizes the sculpture but also represents the fundament of the brand metaphorically. The pedestal offers wide stairs, inviting visitors to take a seat and dwell into inspiring conversation and exchange with others. It was paramount to the festival to arouse awarenes and invite visitors to connect, collaborate and participate. Last but not least: Whoever desired a break of networking and exchanging was welcomed kindly to participate in an exclusive area for crafting and workshops to let off steam – addressing both old and young. By those manners, the WWF Brand Temple represents a mobile surrounding that turns environmental protection into a tangible experience.

Pictures © Sabine Vielmo / WWF