YouTube Agency Roadshow

The YouTube Roadshow was designed as a combination of two mobilized set-ups that could be operated for one day in either one of the locations of the agencies. In each location the two set-ups „Lecture Area“ and „Networking“ were placed in two seperated rooms. The lecture area was equipped with a lectern and a back wall arranged with Design Thinking Boards, integrated screens and matching roll-ups. The tasting & networking area offered a craft beer tasting as well as YouTube pinnball machines and YouTube dart games. The goal was to have a joined community just like a casual meeting in a pub. Communication on eye level according to the idea that the best conversations take place in a bar with a drink in ones hand. „The YouTube“ pub was created as a social contrast to the lectures. The main message was: „Let’s enjoy our time together“. With this strategy, the participants got to know each other better, had good conversation and learned more about the YouTube Team.