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Zoo Rostock – We design the innovative visitor centre in the new Polarium

We're designing the Polarium

White, surreal landscapes, extreme living conditions, impressive animals – the Earth’s poles are pure fascination. And simultaneously so far apart and so different. To explore and experience both poles in a single trip was always inconceivable – until now. A new world of experiences is being developed in Rostock Zoo, which going forward, will make this trip possible in just one day.

And dan pearlman will also play an important role in this. We are very happy to announce we won a Europe wide competition and are going to design the new visitor center, with an innovative exhibition concept, in the new POLARIUM, that will allow visitors to experience the Earth’s poles.

Building the POLARIUM, a completely new space dedicated to the Earth’s poles will be formed on 12.500 square meters. On the extensive, divisible area a new home ground for the polar bears and penguins is to be realized. Part of the project, which is planned to be completed and opened in 2018, is also a new visitor center, which will information about the polar habitat and its inhabitants and is going to meaningfully complement the whole plant.

POLARIUM, a brand new investment that is 12,500 square meters large, is dedicated to the Earth’s poles. This extensive area can be easily divided, so that polar bears and penguins each have their own home. Part of this large-scale project, which will be completed and opened in 2018, is also a new visitor center that will provide information on polar habitats and their inhabitants, rounding off the useful planning of this investment.

“The visitors will learn fascinating facts about polar bears and its capabilities and learn how organisms can adapt to such extreme conditions. It is also about our own responsibility to improve the Arctic kings’ chances of survival in the wild”, said Zoo Director, Udo Nagel.

The goal of our project is to target and transfer experience-oriented knowledge about the polar bear, a fascinating animal that grows old and young and that is excited about its habitat. Here, in future, visitors can go on an interactive, audio and visual adventure “from pole to pole”. The Tundra as the polar bear’s natural habitat with polar night and day and polar winter and summer can in future be experienced  by the visitors.

Facts and knowledge are thus transformed into a multidimensional adventure and an emotional experience. Visiting POLARIUM is therefore, an all-encompassing experience that allows visitors to dive into a fascinating, new world, in an innovative way.




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