Experience Lost Valley Publication

Experience Lost Valley – The Book

Together with Samsung Everlanddan pearlman published the book “Experience Lost Valley”, which impressively reflects the story of the Lost Valley.

Accompanied by many photos and sketches, the publication illustrates how the vision of dan pearlman has been transformed into a stunning world of experience after two years of planning and construction time. The basic idea was to create a place where animals stand on equal footing with humans.

EXPERIENCE LOST VALLEY – The special edition is available now!

Project documentation of the Lost Valley theme world at Samsung
Everland Resort | Book with 216 pages, bound in cloth, emobossed in the
front and rear |Special Edition with high-quality photos, transparencies and black paper pages with architectural sketches

1st Edition, 2013 | 98 EUR 

Orders to: dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH, Kiefholzstraße 2, 12435 Berlin

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