Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunn News

A new savannah for Togo and his family

The giraffe bull Togo (22), his sweetheart Kabonga (19) and their youngest offspring, the two-month-old son Naledi, are enjoying their new home at Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo.

On May 15, 2013 the new giraffe house opened after only one year of construction. The architects of dan pearlman won out over four other design offices in a Germany-wide competition.

On an overall 10,000 square meter area, a graceful 770 square meter building was constructed, which emulates Africa’s majestic animals with its airiness and beauty. “Dynamical Grace” is both the name of the architectural concept as well as the guideline for the design team. Created was an exhibit house, which provides ample room for the giraffes to move around with its light-filled and open-air design, and which fits harmoniously into the landscape with its architectural elements like natural larch, large glass surfaces, and a see-through roof.