Hagemeyer Minden Store Concept

How to turn a large house into an attractive shopping experience for both retail brands and costumers? Hagemeyer in Minden took a big step forward and rebuilt their headquater. From now on, the Hagemeyer store should not only represent a destination for the smalltown Minden but also for the entire area around it. The mission was to create more clarity and ideal orientation for the costumers by following the theme: here is where I feel comfortable. Hagemeyer offered distinct ideas for the cooperation with dan pearlman’s retail experts who transformed the ideas into a strategic theme of the project. In the conception both design and material varied depending on the target group that should be adressed. A lounge with a seating area and tables, wifi and charging station connect these different design worlds and enhance the costumers’ stay. The starting point of the remodeling was the ground floor. With the sneaker store „Yourwayz“ on an area of more than 100 m² and a department for young fashion called „Hinterhof 79“ the store offers two attractions for the younger target group right at the beginning. The area combines trendy fashion labels such as Adidas originals, Nike, Q/S designed by, COJDenim, Review and Tom Tailor. The key to success is the right way to reach out to the target group with communication via social media or hip hop events. Not only customers benefit from these promotions but also the employees gain new experiences throughout that strategy. A similar effect is supposed to be developed by the Mango store that is self stocked by the Hagemeyer purchasing department of Hans-Peter Vankerkom. In between these three appeals you can also find popular brands like Naketano, Khujo, Marc O’Polo Denim and Thommy Hilfiger Denim on one hand and on the other S.Oliver Red Label, Tom Tailor and Esprit. Other labels that used to be situated on the ground floor like Street One are now to be found on the first floor where modern mainstream and modern classic collections are seperated but carefully arranged with smooth transition. Especially Opus, Someday, Hallhuber, Cartoon, Talk about and Soyaconcept are presented in a clean but yet diversed area. The anchor position is represented by Marc O’Polo which is located directly opposite of the main escalator and combines the mainstream collections with the premium section. On top of this, Hagemeyer became even more attractive for customers through a wide rage of restaurants in the food court. All in all, the remodeling of the fashion retailer Hagemeyer turned the store into an appealing destination for a great variety of target groups and can be seen as a pioneer and example for avsuccessful up to date rebuilding project.