Brillux Showroom

True to the brand claim ‘…more than paint’, presentation and training areas should allow visitors to experience the Brillux philosophy with all their senses and also emphasize Brillux brand competency at the same time. Following dan pearlman brand strategists experts the brand and product themes were organized into various experience zones on two floors and presented for both Brillux personnel and Brillux target audiences – craftsmen, architects, designers, specialized trade and industry. On the ground level, visitors can experience the company philosophy, the direct philosophy of the sales structure, as well as all brand relevant themes. Here, an anamorphic spatial logo sculpture plays a special role and conveys a variety of emotional aspects and dimensions of the Brillux brand via a multimedia presentation. This includes, for example, the world of Brillux in numerical data, abstract paint splashes, and a range of surface textures that translate both elements of the brand name, i.e. Brill (brilliancy) and lux (light) aesthetically and meaningfully. From a specific perspective, the viewer can see the exact Brillux logo.
In the ‘experiencing colour with all the senses’ room, the name says it all; here interactive exhibits offer an excursion into the world of sensual colour effects in addition to the pure Brillux context. The product presentation zone on the ground floor illustrates the range of the Brillux product line and centrally features the ‘more’ of the brand claim in the form of over-sized 3D letters based on the ‘more campaign.’ Here each letter represents a specific product
category. Special brand products such as the Hydro-PU-Xspray, Qju or the Scala colour system, as well as specific service offers, are also illustrated via interactive exhibits and impressively demonstrate that Brillux is ‘more than paint’.