Mercedes-Benz Brand Pavilion

Even when family days are a tradition at Mercedes, with the brand pavilion the company documents once again the brand’s claim to leadership also in the area of internal marketing. Even the youngest family members can imagine themselves as future inventors and visionaries when peering into the future inside the Pavilion of Dreams. Raised are the questions of the future from emission-free mobility, environmentally friendly sports cars, to accident-free driving. A look back to the year 1886 to the inventor of the automobile Carl Benz is at the same time a look into the future. What began with the fulfilling of a dream, namely a car that drove itself as if by magic, is imagined for the next 125 years in the Pavilion of Dreams. What remains is the knowledge that the future begins with dreams and every employee plays an active role in creating this future. And of course one’s pride in the brand.