Lufthansa Mobile Internal Branding Campaign

In addition to the stationary Lufthansa Brand Academy in Seeheim, the Brand & Story Cases and the Brand Session tour around as mobile formats that share special Lufthansa moments and knowledge about the brand. With the cases, the established elements of the Brand Academy are put in a smaller shape and made mobile. All together, the eight cases have distinct focus points. The Brand Case encourages employees to live the brand and imparts knowledge in an emotionally playful way. It contains a screen for the Brand Insights Film and the brand and design world of Lufthansa. The brand model and the brand quiz of Lufthansa are placed in two pull-out drawers. The Story Case tells about five special Lufthansa moments that have been visualised in small installations. In addition, the case is equipped with a post and contains pens and paper which all invite the employees to contribute a very own Lufthansa moment. In yet another six Single Story Cases a special moment is staged that gives you goosebumps: Nothing else than a true story can display the brand’s core “enriching travel experience” more sincerely. For each of the three brand values there are two Single Story Cases that also contain artefacts and memorabilia. Moreover, the Brand Session has been developed as mobile workshop format. It consists of three tables where employees can approach the brand in a playful way. The three tables are used in two variations: on the one hand, each table resembles one brand value of Lufthansa. On the other hand, the three premium network airlines Lufthansa, Austrian, and Swiss that are in close cooperation are made experienceable. The Brand Session places the relevance of the brand in the center and offers employees the possibility to exchange experience and knowledge. As mobile elements of the Internal Branding Campaign, the Brand & Story Cases as well as the Brand Session help to establish brand awareness among the employees and increase its importance as employer brand.

Photos © C. Thiersch / Deutsche Lufthansa and J. Mai / Deutsche Lufthansa