Marc O’ Polo Campus Retail Strategy

Materials, colors, and furnishings evoke the early 1970s. High-quality natural stones, tarnished brass elements, and dark wooden surfaces of stained bog oak bring out the time-honored charm of past eras. And combining these with authentic design elements that are part-classic part-humorous. Just like in a real college apartment, record collections share space with sports trophies, pennants, and photos of friends. In addition, original vintage furniture and shag carpet make for a stylish interior. Based on this statement dan pearlman developed the brand and implemented campaigns, ads and catalogues in the same casual style as the new shops. With real students as models on sexy pictures that are simply fun. Freedom, looking good, having a great time – a bit of sweet student life for everyone: Welcome to the World of Campus! In 2013 the concept of this shopping destination was nominated for the Store of the Year Award.