Calamar Fair Stand Design Panorama 2013

Creative elements of the new design defined the look of the entire stand and ranged from over-sized Calamar lettering to various globes, which function simultaneously as the supersign and symbol of the freedom-loving Calamar persona. The brand letter case was full of accessories for the urban explorer. The ‘Calamar bike’ emphasized the brand’s claim of designing fashion for active men. In addition, the stand provided a first glimpse of the 2014 summer collection, inspired by the metropolis of Lisbon. dan pearlman showcased the new season in the Portuguese capital and designed a catalogue that functions as a travel guide and product presentation all-in-one. The lounge served as a spot for freshening up and also provided visitors the opportunity to peek into their giveaway sets for the first time. In both cases, dan pearlman was responsible for the overall design from labelling to packaging. The fair stand won with its special design the Iconic award 2013.