BMW World

The idea behind the design of BMW World is based on communicating brand values and brand expertise with emotion. Inside BMW World, the BMW traits of innovation, emotion, precision, dynamics and aesthetics and what they mean to the BMW brand are on display for visitors. dan pearlman also translated technical and design-related themes with emotion and was also responsible at BMW World for the design and implementation of the BMW automobile show and the BMW motorcycle exhibition. In addition, at the BMW Design & Technology Atelier at BMW World, dan pearlman was able to demonstrate how easy it is to communicate even complex topics using dramatic and well-conceived exhibits. Learning and discovery is made easy for both young and adult visitors to BMW World. The BMW World won the IF communication design award in 2006, was nominated for the Design Award in 2008 and was awarded with the intermedia-globe in silver during the Worldmediafestival in Hamburg 2009.