Baltman Store Concept

Demanding, exclusive and self-assured – The new concept for Baltman turns every store into a destination. Upon entering the stores, customers find themselves inside a modern tailor’s studio, dominated by the standard stitching pattern theme. An expansive table – envisaged as a tailor’s workplace – stands in the centre of the space. An over-sized sewing kit serves as product display and presents accessories matching the Baltman collection. Both classic handcraft and a flair for modernity characterize the new outlet’s design. Numerous details exude a creative touch, such as walls covered with dressmaking patterns, an arrangement of dressmaker’s dummies and table vitrines filled with buttons. ‘Baltman Unique’ is featured in its own zone. Here customers can take advantage of personal fitting for an individually tailored suit. Leather furniture and a spacious fitting room, expressly for Unique customers, communicate exclusivity and unparalleled comfort on the way to your own tailor-fit, Baltman business suit.