Our dan pearlman campus is the home of the dan pearlman Group in Berlin. The dan campus is located within the three districts, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow, right next to the Landwehrkanal of the former Berlin Wall close to Görlitzer Park. The neighborhood is composed by the start-up hubs The Factory, countless cafés, pubs and small stores. The view from here stretches across typical Berlin backyards and new sub-assembly architecture all the way to Berlin’s television tower.

The arch-shaped building comprises the house numbers Kiefholzstraße 1 to 4 and was built in the 1930s for the mechanical engineering company Fritz Weber & Co on former garden land. After 1945, the area belonged to former East Berlin and the VEB Berliner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik moved into the building. From after the fall of the Berlin Wall till its renovation in 1999/2000 the building remained abandoned. In 2000 the dan pearlman Group with its four founders moved into the freshly renovated, open factory floors. The dan Campus, from the ground floor up to the 4th floor, is now the creative home of the dan pearlman Group for more than 20 years. In cooperative dialog with other agencies and companies of Berlin’s creative industry, fascinating projects and forward-looking concepts are created here.

Our dan Campus is a New Work Office Space with a range of different working areas, a workshop zone and a co-working space for associated creative companies. Within the dan Campus we have our own dan Café and a green roof terrace, which gets redesigned every year in collaboration with the Berliner Prinzessinengärten. The dan Campus is home to over 120 employees of the dan pearlman Group’s creative agencies and the Dan Academy. It is also the base for partner companies and institutions such as Forcast and MakeShift, each of which organizes its own festivals.

You can easily reach us by public transport via Treptower Park , Hermannplatz or bus since the stop is just around the corner. Parking is available free of charge in the surrounding streets and in limited capacity on the courtyard area for those who come by car, bike, or scooter.

dan pearlman Group
Kiefholzstraße 2
12435 Berlin
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