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In the anniversary year 2020, Sartorius gives its employees and the interested public the present of a unique place, that shows, what contribution Sartorius is making to finding a solution to the challenges in the health sector and bioprocess engineering: a visitor center with a showroom and a brandspace at the Sartorius Campus in Göttingen. Covid-19 made us aware that the understanding for medical research and development is not a niche topic, but of great relevance for society as a whole. As an internationally leading partner of the biopharmaceutical industry and the research sector, Sartorius works on complex solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. The goal: to provide more people with access to affordable medicine.


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Over the course of three years, the vision and mission were developed, the brand identity was sharpened and the showroom was planned and built. All of this happened in collaboration with the board, brand management and the corporate communication.
With the “Simplifying Progress”, Sartorius promises to simplify the progress for its customers and give more people access to better medicine. This motto is also at the root of the customer journey in the showroom. Upon entering the foyer, visitors find the answers to big challenges in the health sector and gain an understanding for the complex coherences in a playful and interactive manner. A group of interactive silhouettes tells the stories from the perspective of individual people and takes guests on a journey through the world of health research and funding. In the further course of the journey, an opening in the fresh yellow from the new corporate design constitutes as the passage into the world of Sartorius. Here, the visitors actively come into contact with the brand, company and products and experience Sartorius’ specific contribution to pharmaceutical research and development. Digital exhibits show illustrate the products, processes and backgrounds. However, most of all, the showroom provides the people behind Sartorius with space and shows how outstanding and sustainable innovations emerge again and again.
The holistic concept for the showroom was created in collaboration with Sartorius. The concept and text were developed by Katrin Schreyer and Petra Kirchhoff of Sartorius CorpCom and a team lead by Thorsten Kadel and Prof. Marcus Fischer, containing strategists, designers and architects of the dan pearlman Group. Furthermore, dan pearlman Group partners contributed to success of the project: Interactive Scape and beamXR added to the interactive exhibits while artis engineering was responsible for the interior construction.