Clienia Expansion

The interior design of the extension integrates affectionately designed relaxation areas, interactive elements, warm colors, and meet up locations, in order to create an anxiety free and relaxing environment for the children and teenagers. Next to this spatial conception dan pearlman created three new characters for the Castle Lino, that accompany the children and teenagers throughout their stay: the lion Flippo, the samurai cat Dibsta, and the circus actor Guppi. Flippo’s lion mane helps the children to concentrate better, while Guppi’s Origami art contributes to their relaxation. The quiet Dibsta and her bag of skills helps with everyday problems. The new characters add to the existing residents of Castle Lino, each of whom have a distinctive color, design, and are characterized by their special features. Next to Dipsta, Alpha, Calibri, Elysee, and Betha are the new patron saint characters of unique stations, which represent specific photos of illness that young patients have.