REMIC Conference 2016 news

Nicole Gietz and Karen Klessinger as experts at the REMIC Conference

Back in the day, work was a means to an end. People worked either to sustain a certain standard of living or to afford a certain lifestyle. Today, work is far more than a guarantee for existence and materialistic affluence. We have evolved. Our standards have evolved. Our work has, of course, also evolved. It is multi-faceted, virtual, manageable time-wise, more mobile, and has become more individualistic. After all, lifestyle does not just start in the private life. Work is a lifestyle. Businesses therefore are faced with the challenge of being convincing employers. They need to be mindful of all the needs and demands that people have in life and spatially and emotionally shape working environments in order to achieve a work-life-blending.

Being experts for working experiences, Nicole Gietz-Haslinger, Head of Brand Experience, and Karen Klessinger, Creative Director Brand Experience at dan pearlman, will present a keynote on “Workplace & Employee Experience” at this year’s REMIC conference on November 25th  in St. Petersburg .

The Real Estate Management in Corporations (REMIC) Conference , ranked among Russia’s leading economic forums, the will being held for the fifth time. The conference will cover areas like discussions on the most relevant issues of property management and marketing.

More information about the conference is available here.