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Cocreagency brand new love – pop up opens its doors on the DAN CAMPUS

From September 3 to 27, the goalgirls will open the doors of their new CoCreagency location on the Campus of the dan pearlman Group on the Kiefholzstraße in Berlin. Together with their community of creatives, they will develop disruptive campaigns for brands through novel formats of collaboration over the span of a month. With the label BRAND NEW LOVE, the CoCreagency focuses on the topics love and human relationships in the digital age. And because love knows no boundaries, goalboys will be able to take part in the process of creation and ideation for the first time. Brands of all industries are invited to develop ideas and concepts with the goalgirls (and boys) through creative sprints.

For every project and every brand challenge, the goalgirls put together an individual team that understands both the brand and the challenge. Together with the brand, the girls and boys develop initial ideas, pitches, communication strategies, as well as entire campaigns through various sprint formats. This creative process results in campaigns, installations and brand stories, social media and influencer marketing or brand activism and movements.

The CoCreagency BRAND NEW LOVE is the goalgirls’ second pop-up hub in Berlin. Behind this progressive agency-format are the sisters Kaddie and Helena („Helmut“) Rothe. Since 2016, they have stired up the creative scene in Berlin as goalgirls. With smart and bold campaigns, they position brands like Bumble and mymuesli for targeted audience of Generations X-Z. Their work process derives from the holacracy approach. So instead of top-down-hierarchies they organize their work detached from job positions by forming decentralized teams. Depending on the project and expertise, the role of every person varies.

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