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Giants – A Great Idea Wants to Conquer the World

The Giant stands thirty-five metres in the air – in different cities around the world.
The world’s largest transportable statue is still just an idea, thought up by Paddy Dunning and Eric Fraad of The Giant Company and Kieran Stanley of dan pearlman.
The developers of the Giant see it as the biggest, transportable statue in the world, and as the biggest, artistic sculptural project. The Giant is a luminous sculpture and lookout tower all-in-one. Its integrated LED lighting makes it extremely versatile, capable of depicting any person in the world or also serving as a kind of billboard. Not only is the Giant flexible, the types of complexes underneath it should be as well. The Giant sits atop a building, which could be a museum, an exhibition space or numerous other possibilities. The developers envision making access to content interactive. Visitors should feel like they’re involved. The central idea is that visitors are not simply drawn to the Giants and their big personalities but that they recognize their own potential and talent in them.
The Giant project is designed to be of use to visitors and cities as well as inspire, educate and entertain. This Tuesday the long kept secret and ambitious project will be presented at the IAAPA in Orlando by Kieran Stanley, Paddy Dunning and Eric Fraad.
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