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… & forward

Time seems to be flying by faster than ever. How quickly the last twelve months have passed.  We seem to be used to never rest and always be on-line. Our everyday lives drive us forward. We ride the wave of global digitization. You, me, we all are caught in a gigantic media flow. Everything flows into one another. Work, family, leisure – nothing is clearly separated anymore. Fast forward, we are heading into new destinations.

In my opinion, 2016 has passed quickly. It’s been a year full of exciting projects such as the first stationary Mister Spex store in Berlin, which was successfully placed on the market. Another highlight was the new storeconcept for Getränke Hoffmann in Berlin-Kreuzberg, made for urban city-dwellers. And, not to forget the successful repositioning of the Concept Shopping Mall BIKINI Berlin. On top of that, 2016 for dan pearlman was a year of structure, reorganisation and with a focus on the essentials. With the founding of the agency spring Brand Ideas for advertising and communication and dan pearlman project for general planning and international rollouts, the dan pearlman Group has been expanded. As a result, we have established a new kind of trustworthiness for our clients, partners, and employees, which will help us dealing with the increasingly complex contemporary requirements.

Telling of time: Time is the new currency. Our clients need a partner, who is able to cope with accelerating timings. Just like our employees, who experience an ever-increasing time pressure. To perform at their peak, orientation and individual professional perspectives are needed to motivate the employees. We won’t be able to reduce speed in 2017 either. The changes in progress will surely continue. Strategy, communication, architecture, economy, society, politics, private, and public issues – our world becomes more and more complex. Let’s not make things even more complicated! Complex issues are simplified by applying creative methods such as Design Thinking and thanks to a strong network of proven experts we can rely on. This is how, as a strategic creative agency, we bring together people who want to create the best for people.  We combine creativity, innovativeness and passion for what we do.

Being a creative agency, thinking ahead is our vocation. We want to shape the best possible experiences. How can this be achieved? With positive energy, the passion for new challenges, thinking outside the box, creativity, and self-confidence in us and what we believe in. We do this by focusing on structures, simplification, authenticity, creativity, innovation, and relevance.

The here and now is calling for us. Just now. Challenge accepted!

Truly yours, Nicole Srock.Stanley